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Really. We accept calls 24/7.  We're here for you so call for an appointment anytime.

127 McDowell St.
Asheville, NC 28801

Phone # 828-252-5521
Fax # 828-253-3780

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Since 1938

Ray & Allen Funeral Service was established in 1938 by the late Jesse Ray and continues to be owned and operated by Jesse Ray, Jr. and his son, Bryant.

Trust - the reliance on us to do what is right

Respect - the focus on the essential value of human life

Integrity - the adherence to the highest standards of service

Excellence - the continuous improvement in our service

Adherence to these core values are the reason we have provided service for 75 years, the reason why existing client families from generation to generation have selected Ray & Allen and why new client families are comfortable selecting us for the first time.

If you are researching funeral and cremation service for a relative in hospice care, for a death that has either occurred or that is anticipated, or simply to preplan a funeral or cremation, call our office so we may answer any question and be of immediate assistance to you.

On behalf of George, Joseph, Lisa, Pam and me, please express our sincere appreciation to Ben Hall and other members of your staff who helped to make Mom's services a loving and fitting tribute.  The special touches provided were not lost to any of us and we marveled that the services in both locations (Raleigh and Asheville) were on point. They were handled in a timely manner and made  easy for all of us, even though we do not live in either location.  The memorial programs and memorial  book are keepsakes that we can share with friends and loved ones. And the framed picture and prayer are just beautiful.  Thank you and your staff for everything,   

Rita Lee Brown